We offer different types of transfer services such as bus and ferry. Together with our reputable and trusted service provider partners, we only recommend the finest transfers in the country. Make your vacation as seamless as possible by booking your transfers in advance.

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Bus Transfers

We provide bus transfers in our northern destinations: Sagada and Banaue. Coda Lines, our ever-reliable partner for North Luzon routes, is a company that services thousands of passengers across Luzon yearly. It’s the most ideal choice of mode of travel to the most popular destinations in the Cordillera Mountains.

A bus ride from Manila to Sagada usually takes around 12 hours, while the Manila to Banaue route takes only 9 hours.

Ferry Transfers

Transferring from one island to another is made easier via ferry.  Aside from the regular banca (small boat), ferries are primary means of bringing tourists to their destinations  more safely and conveniently. We offer ferry transfers to the following locations: Coron, El Nido, Cebu, and Bohol.

Montenegro Fast Ferry is our trusted partner for travels going to and from El Nido and Coron. The ride usually takes around 3.5 to 4 hours.

Private Transfers

flyeast Philippines also provides guests comfortable vehicles with beyond professional drivers. Whether you’re travelling alone or in a small group, private transfers will always be a convenient choice.

Once your flight lands, all you have to do is go over the pick-up point and our driver will be ready to take you to wherever you’re headed! It’s easy, safe, and comfortable.

Lets Take You to the Most Outstanding Destinations in the Philippines

The Philippine archipelago has a lot to offer. Exploring every inch of this country will take a lifetime, but we’ll take you to the best spots this country has to offer. We promise to take you to the best sandy beaches, limestone rock formations, waterfalls, and many more!