About the Area

Siquijor is coined to be a mystical island filled with virgin beaches and magnificent diving spots. Hailed by the Spaniards as “The Island of Fire”, Siquijor is considered by many as an island full of magic – not just because of the multiple glowing fireflies in the island at night but also because of its popular reputation that has something to do with witchcraft. Whether you believe in black magic or not, Siquijor will enchant you with its undeniable charm nonetheless. Siquijor is the third smallest province in the Philippines; it’s small island yet filled with majestic attractions. You can explore all of Siquijor’s wonders in a day or two, but the relaxing vibe of the island will make you want to stay longer.

Experiences in Siquijor

Dip your feet in the pool near the Old Enchanted Balete tree.

Balete trees are known to be huge vine-y trees that are filled with stories about supernatural creatures particularly the kapre and engkanto in the Philippines but that’s just old folklore.  Presently, tourists visit the 400-year old tree to dip their feet in the natural spring pool beside it, home to tiny fishes that nibbles on your feet, kind of like a fish spa.

Cliff dive in Salagdoong Beach.

If you want a good adrenaline rush, then head over to Salagdoong Beach where you can choose from jumping off either a 20-feet or a 35-feet platform and plunge into the clear, cold, refreshing water of the sea. Your adventure doesn’t end by simply jumping, it continues underwater, where you’ll be welcomed by diverse marine life.

Try kinilaw in Siquijor

A favorite dish by Siquijor locals is kinilaw Binisaya nga kulabutan or Filipino ceviche – it’s fresh, raw, giant squid doused in salt and vinegar. If you’re not of fan of eating raw food, another way to eat kulabutan (giant squid) is by sautéing it.

Swim in Cambuhagay Falls.

Cambuhagay Falls is known to be one of the most gorgeous falls in the Philippines – it has three tiers with giant pools you can freely swim in. For that extra adventure, you can try the multiple rope  and swing your way like a monkey, as you take a plunge into the water. There are also rubber rings, rafts, and several chill spots for your kind of hang out.

Snorkel in San Juan beach.

San Juan beach  has pretty shallow water that is just several hundred meters from the shore. When you reach the spot where it’s deep enough to see coral reefs, be surprised at how magnificent the marine life is in Siquijor – there are different fish species, multitudes of sea anemones, colorful starfishes, and sometimes some sea turtles, too!

Travel Tips:

The best time to visit Siquijor is during dry season: November to May.

Bring cash with you since there are only two ATM machines on the island.

You can take a day trip to Siquijor from Dumaguete.

Expect stories of Filipino myths and folklore about the island. Siquijor also tell stories about different healers and superstitious souvenirs.

Don’t expect nightlife on the island because it’s where people go to relax, be with nature, and be off the grid.


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