About the Area

Interesting things await when you visit Sagada! This destination has prosperous history and culture with sites such as extraordinary burial sites, amazing rock formations, and phenomenal caves, all of which give way to exciting activities such as mountain trekking, spelunking, camping and sightseeing.

Sagada natives are proud of their customs and traditions; they have kept their indigenous practices up to this day. One famous tradition is the cliffside-hanging coffins – this iconic spot shows how the Igorot people “bury” the dead inside colorful hanging coffins on the side of the limestone cliffs.

Step into the humble world of Cordillera where landscapes from your dream vacation come to life. Visit legendary rice paddies, interact with native Igorot people wearing colorful clothing and doing captivating rituals, and explore great caves where you can walk through its rough yet interesting trails.

Experiences in Sagada

Spelunk from Lumiang through Sumaguing Cave.

Adventure seekers will love the gigantic caves of Sagada – go spelunking through the 2 to 4-hour underground cave system with cool rivers, narrow entry and exit holes, and amusing rock formations, which definitely highlight your overall cave connection experience!

Take the Echo Valley Walking Tour.

Explore the main sites of Sagada with a 3-hour walking tour which includes the Echo Valley Hanging Coffins, Bokong Natural Swimming Pool, and the Sagada Underground River.  You’ll be captivated by the nice views of the valleys, small rivers, and rice fields throughout your tour.

Try yogurt with strawberry, banana, and granola at Yoghurt House.

Yoghurt House is one of the most popular restaurants in town;  their house specialty is yoghurt with strawberry, banana, and granola. They are known for serving fresh and tasty food from yoghurt breakfasts to rice meals.

Take a trek to Bomod-ok Falls.

The hike to Bomod-ok Falls from the information center only takes about 30 minutes. Once you get there, you’ll see an amazing 200-meter falls with smooth as well as jagged rocks at the foot of it.

Catch the sunrise and a sea of clouds at Kiltepan Peak.

The best way to catch the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak is to spend the night camping at the site. Climb up the peak by 4:30 AM as the sensational sunrise unravels itself in a sea of clouds!

Travel Tips:

There is no stable internet connection in Sagada since the signal is not that strong in the area.

It’s best to live in the moment and disconnect during vacation.

Respect the local people and culture.

Bring enough cash. Most establishments only accept cash payment and there are no ATM machines in the area.

Stay indoors at night. Some roads have rocky terrain and do not have streetlights installed.

Bring non-slippery shoes or sandals. Trekking is one of the main activities in Sagada, so it’s better to be careful!


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