About the Area

Puerto Galera is considered as the ‘little Boracay’ because of its magnificent white beach which is only just a couple of hours away from Manila. This destination is also famous for being a world-class snorkeling and diving site, with fantastic coral reefs underwater. So, if you’re looking for a quick getaway at a low cost, head over to Puerto Galera!

Puerto Galera caters all types of guests – whether you’re coming in large groups, as a family, as a couple, or solo, everyone’s welcome on the island. flyeast Philippines can expertly arrange and customize your trip to Puerto Galera, together with a professional tour guide, your choice of transportation and your preferred resort.

There is more than one beach in Puerto Galera which means that there is more for you to explore! Discover fantastic coral gardens and different beautiful species such as crabs, sea anemones, and trumpet fishes underwater – this destination wasn’t named Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1973 for nothing.

Experiences in Puerto Galera

Island-hop to islands waiting to be discovered.

Alongside unnamed islands,  you can visit the glorious Maniknik Island and enjoy a delicious lunch there. Another exquisite site on the list is Bayanan Island, which showcases a tranquil paradise where you can find your peace of mind.

Explore the underwater.

Diving and snorkeling are two of the top must-try activities in Puerto Galera. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced diver, the submerged world in the oceans of Puerto Galera will take your breath away. It holds wonders of sights like shipwrecks, shark caves, and giant clams.

Get drinks at White Beach.

Another island highlight is the nightlife in Puerto Galera because of the numerous bars and restaurants on its beachfront. Some of the best spots to grab some drinks are The Beach Frog Bar & Restaurant, Glens Beach Bar, and Casa Mia Ristorante Italiano.

Swim in Tamaraw Falls.

Other than the islands and beaches, Puerto Galera  also has waterfalls. You’ll pass through the fascinating Tamaraw Falls on your way to the White Beach from Calapan, where you can take a dip in manmade pools and sip fresh coconut juice.

Party at the Malasimbo Festival.

Held during late March or early April, the Malasimbo Festival is an annual music festival that celebrates the culture and the art of the indigenous people of Mindoro – the Mangyans. It’s also a festival that promotes the protection and conservation of the environment.

Travel Tips:

Bring enough cash as there are only a few ATM machines in Puerto Galera.

High season: November to March, Peak season: April to May, and Low season: June to October.

Coming in big groups is highly recommended as activities are much cheaper this way and also better when shared!

Be mindful of your belongings. Puerto Galera is such a beautiful place that you might get excited and leave your things unattended.

Wear shoes or fins when doing water-based activities to avoid hurting yourself with sharp corals or some painful sea urchins.

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