About the Area

Mindoro is the seventh-largest island in the Philippines. It prides itself with grand mountains, excellent snorkeling and diving spots, and white sand beaches, among others. Local and foreign tourists are constantly in awe of Mindoro’s natural treasures.

Some of Mindoro’s famous tourist destinations are Puerto Galera and Apo Reef, but there’s more to explore in the province! Down south, Bulalacao is not-so-popular spot in Mindoro but it has a lot to offer – there are virgin islands and various waterfalls that have yet to be visited by tourists.

The southern part of Mindoro is great for road-trippers, backpackers, and motorcyclists, basically the kind of travelers who are likely willing to explore the rough areas in the Philippines. flyeast Philippines will take you to the road less traveled without sacrificing the breathtaking sceneries.

Experiences in Mindoro

Nature trip at Tukuran Falls

Tucked in the majestic mountains of Mindoro, Tukuran Falls is one of the must-visit places in the area. Here, you can ride a cart perched on a carabao to help you cross the lush jungle and fresh riverbanks and admire mother nature. When you hear the rushing sound of water, it means that you’re almost in paradise.

Get to know Mangyan culture in Tagaskan Village.

If you’re more of a culture buff than a beach bum, then we’ll take your itinerary to an interesting turn towards Tagaskan Village. This is where some of the indigenous Mangyan tribes are located; they used to live near the sea, but eventually transferred to the mountains when the colonization started. This village is a secluded area in Mindoro not easily accessible by tourists but flyeast Philippines can definitely take you there.

Be amazed at the town of Bulalacao.

There are numerous activities you can do at Bulalacao, Mindoro. Explore its forests, lay under the sun on its white-sand beaches, island-hop, go snorkeling and admire the rich marine life, and discover hidden caves, waterfalls, and coves! Bulalacao is a paradise waiting to be explored by the few lucky ones.

Travel Tips:

Bring enough cash since there are no ATM machines within the area because it’s secluded and uncommercialized.

Come prepared and bring extra batteries or a power bank for your gadgets.

Waterproof your gadgets by securing them in a ziploc bag.

Wear appropriate clothes during your trip for more comfort. We recommend wearing light casual clothes, so that you can move around freely while doing fun activities! For those who plan to go trekking, wear light but non-slippery sandals.


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