About the Area

flyeast Philippines offers professionally guided Manila tours.  Manilais the country’s capital and the gateway to the Philippines’ hidden gems. It is the country’s center of economy, manufacturing, and business. Despite the hustle and bustle of this hub, Manila has a lot more to offer. Aside from being a business district, it’s also home to heritage sites that promote the rich history and culture of the Philippines such as Intramuros, American Cemetery, Rizal Park, and Chinatown, to name a few. Every tour package is customized for the maximum experience of new and old Manila locations as our expert local tour guides tour you around Manila’s past and present. Manila City tour is one of our most popular tours because it will unravel the history of the Philippines while you also indulge in the contemporary city life.

Experiences in Manila

Ride a bamboo bike in Intramuros.

Intramuros is one of the oldest spots in Manila and what better way to explore it than to cycle through its streets! It’s not just a fun way of going around, it’s eco-friendly too – the bicycles are made of strong and all-natural bamboo and abaca materials.

Roam around Rizal Park.

Located near Intramuros, Rizal Park is the most popular park in Manila. It is named after the country’s national hero, who is also a novelist and a doctor among others. It is more than just a park – it has gardens, plazas, an observatory, restaurants, playgrounds, and a whole lot more.

Ride a jeepney.

The Filipino jeepney is the country’s main mode of transportation – it is also one of the country’s most classic vehicle symbols. Its system is unique, something that most tourists haven’t seen before.  Try hailing a jeepney, paying, and getting off; it’s a must-try experience.

Go shopping in Divisoria.

Save money and immerse yourself in the local markets of Manila by  scoring a cheap bargain! There’s no better place to try shopping the Filipino way, than the mother of all shopping places – Divisoria. It has everything – from apparel for different occasions, homeware, tech stuff to other random finds. to . They’re all affordably priced too!

Try Filipino street food.

Street food in the Philippines is all sorts of exotic – there’s grilled intestine with a choice between pork and chicken a.k.a. isaw, the infamous balut or duck embryo, halu-halo, an all-time favorite dessert and a lot more! Whatever taste you’re looking for, be it salty, sour, sweet or spicy, indulging in Filipino street food is a must-try experience.

Travel Tips:

Know the peak travel time or the rush hour which is around 7AM to 9AM and 5PM to 8PM. We highly recommend tourists to plan their schedule ahead and avoid these hours if possible.

The Philippines is a tropical country. It’s best to apply sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays of the sun while taking a tour.

Tipping is encouraged – this is usually equivalent to 10% of the total bill or service cost.  – deleted this because we encourage tourism receipts (so spending is encouraged)Learn some of the local phrases. Filipinos are recognized to be excellent English speakers but it would be a good way to show respect and appreciation to the locals if you’re familiar with a few, basic Filipino phrases like Kumusta? (How are you?) and Salamat po (Thank you).


Lets Take You to the Most Outstanding Destinations in the Philippines

The Philippine archipelago has a lot to offer. Exploring every inch of this country will take a lifetime, but we’ll take you to the best spots this country has to offer. We promise to take you to the best sandy beaches, limestone rock formations, waterfalls, and many more!