About the Area

Located in Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City is a little town with a simple but striking appeal; it’s also known as the University Town as this city is home to the oldest American private university in the Philippines, Siliman University. This historical university is the reason behind the city’s nickname, also considering that a huge part of the town’s population is composed of university students!

This humble community is also called the “City of Gentle People”, because of its tranquil atmosphere. Explore Dumaguete City and see its sights in a day, a good starting point in exploring its neighboring destinations: Manjuyod, Dauis, Siquijor, and Bais.

Experiences in Dumaguete

Take a dip at Casaroro Falls.

Casaroro Falls is not exactly located in Dumaguete, but in Valencia – another municipality in Negros Oriental, that’s just a few hours away from Dumaguete. Getting to the falls begins with a set of stairs that are a little over 300 steps; then you’ll have to climb over boulders just to get through. Since there’s no clear directions, a tour guide will come handy!

Meet the tall and magnificent Casaroro Falls once you reach the end of the trail which will make your 30 to 45-minute hike all worth it. Swim in the cold waters of the falls, but not too close to the cascading portion as its current can be too strong.

Explore three caves.

If you’re into caving activities, then Mabinay or also known as “Cave Town” is the destination for you  – it consists of over 400 caves. But for a more specific tour, the Bulwang Caves tour itinerary in Mabinay offers three cave destinations: Pagligawan Cave, Pandalihan Cave, and Crystal Cave. This tour is recommended for beginners but for experienced caving enthusiasts, you find intermediate cave systems that requires three to four days training beforehand.

Taste and take home Dumaguete’s sweet delicacy, Silvanas.

Your trip won’t be complete if you don’t get a taste of the best dessert Dumaguete has to offer. Silvanas by Sans Rival is a dessert even for the non-sweet lovers. Sans Rival has been making this buttery meringue cookie since 1977 and until today, locals and tourists always find this heavenly goodie down to complete their every trip.

Swim with the turtles at Apo Island.

One of the most sought after activities in Dumaguete is exploring the marine life of Apo Island’s, a tiny island not too far from Dumaguete which is an exemplary ecotourism destination as seen on its rich marine biodiversity.

Apo Island is surrounded by sea turtles which you can already see during your boat ride. To make sure that the turtles are unharmed as tourists go snorkeling, they must keep a safe distance from the turtles to avoid contact or touching.

Take a walk at the Manjuyod Sandbar.

Seeing Majuyod Sandbar for the first time will make one think of Maldives because of the above-water native cottages lined on the shore. This breathtaking sandbar emerges during the low tide, not showing its beauty all the time, which is what makes the trip to Manjuyod a must.

Travel Tips:

Be extra careful when crossing the streets of Dumaguete because not all traffic lights are working.

From March to October, visit Tanon Strait and expect to see some dolphins.

Dumaguete has a hospitality festival called Sandurot Festival, a show of colorful and elaborate costumes on the streets, which takes place every September.


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