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The Philippines has over 7,100 islands and while each of them is wonderful in its own way, if you want to experience a destination that’s diverse and extraordinary, it’s time for you to  book your flight to Bohol. Bohol is a piece of the Philippines where you can find breathtaking beaches, long river cruises, and world-class diving spots.

If you’re looking for an adventure while soaking the beauty of nature in, Bohol has an interesting land form which is more popularly known as the Chocolate Hills. Aside from this, it is home to tarsiers, the smallest primate in the world. It also offers tourists an experience of a lifetime through riding a bicycle that’s 150 meters off the ground.

Getting to Bohol is easy and fast – the flight from Manila is only less than an hour; if you’re coming from Cebu City, it only takes a 2-hour ferry ride. There’s no need to spend half the day transferring from one place to another because it only takes a quick trip to reach this tropical paradise. flyeast Philippines can certainly help you arrange your transfers; all you have to do is show up and enjoy the ride.

When we say that Bohol is the ultimate place for a thrilling adventure, we mean it. Different parts of Bohol offer various attractions – the south-western part of Bohol is where the beaches of Panglao Island are situated, as well as the limestone stalactites of Hinagdanan Cave; meanwhile, you’ll find the man-made resort island Nalusuan in the north; lastly, there’s the turquoise-watered Can-umantad Falls in the east.

Adventure is truly everywhere in Bohol.

Experiences in Bohol

Appreciate the marvelous landscape of Chocolate Hills.

Before you fly to Bohol and visit the Chocolate Hills, we hate to break it to you, but they are not made of chocolate (we wish it were too). During summertime, the green grass of the hills dries up which turn chocolatey brown; thus, why it is called the Chocolate Hills.

Meet some tarsiers.

Tarsiers are known to be the world’s smallest primates, which are only about three to six inches tall; they are nocturnal creatures that are small-bodied but with big round eyes. They are already considered as endangered species, which is why they’re protected in a conservation center.

The Tarsier Conservation Sanctuary is where you can catch a good glimpse of a tarsier. Tarsiers are shy little creatures so you’re not allowed to hold them. When held or exposed to loud noises, these creatures become stressed and eventually die. It’s important for visitors to follow the guide’s instructions as to not disturb the tarsiers.

Cruise down Loboc River.

Another noteworthy highlight in Bohol is the famous Loboc River Cruise, wherein you can have scrumptious lunch while aboard the floating restaurant cruising down the river. You’ll find some of the Filipino favorites like barbeque, adobo, fried chicken, and kutsinta or brown rice cake being served at the buffet. Aside from the delightful food, there’s also a cultural performance featuring native Filipino songs and dances to entertain the guests on the boat and completes one’s experience.

As you stroll down the river, the lush green forests surrounding Loboc River will welcome you; you’ll also see locals going about their everyday work, as well as children climbing trees or swimming, and fishermen catching fish.

Traverse Cadapdapan Rice Terraces to get to Can-umantad Falls.

Rice terraces are not only found up north in Banaue, but Bohol is blessed with one too – the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces which are also manmade but they look like they were cut by the gods to perfection. After passing through the rice terraces, there’s a way going to Can-umantad Falls, a two-tiered, aquamarine colored waterfalls that’s a good way to beat the summer heat.

Go snorkeling at Balicasag Island.

Balicasag Island is a rich marine sanctuary, also considered as a haven for snorkeling and diving. With the diverse and vibrant coral reef and beautiful fish species in its deep and shallow waters, Baliasag Island is truly one of the best destinations in Bohol to explore underwater. You can also go island-hopping from Balicasag and with chances of watching dolphins surfacing out of the water; dolphins are usually spotted near Virgin Island, which is one of the stops during the island-hopping tour.

Travel Tips:

You’ll be doing loads of outdoor activities in Bohol.  Bring sunscreen to Fully protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and avoid sunburn while enjoying your tour!

Catch the Sandugo Festival in Tagbilaran City, Bohol; it’s a celebration held in July, commemorating the friendship treaty established between the Filipinos and the Spaniards. Kindly abide by the rules and regulations when you visit tarsiers at the Tarsier Research and Development Center in Corella, the only official tarsier sanctuary in Bohol. Some of the ground rules include not allowing flash photography, no touching of the tarsiers, and no disturbances such as unnecessary noises around the area.

We recommend for tourists to spend three to four days to maximize the tour in Bohol.

Make sure to bring home some Peanut Kisses, one of Bohol’s finest delicacies.


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