About the Area

The Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao, dated to be more than 2,000 years old, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site visited by tourists from all over the globe. flyeast Philippines will comfortably take you  up north to let you personally witness the charm this destination has to offer by either wandering around in an air-conditioned vehicle or take the road less-travelled and trek your way up.

Banaue is the right place for off-road trekking and an authentic cultural immersion.  Its offerings include the following terraces: Batad, Mayaoyao, Kiangan, and Hapao. Aside from trekking mountain ridges, you can spend some quality time getting to know the Ifugao Villages.

The Ifugao tribes have done a great job in the preservation of their rich local culture and traditions. Discover their indigenous way of living as you explore their traditional houses, ceremonies, and different forms of cultural expressions. You can also support them by purchasing their local products like Mountain Tea Leaves, Ifugao coffee, and hand-drawn cards.

The best time to see the rice terraces are from April to November, as they are in their greenest color during those months. Backpackers love Banaue since it’s located on top of the mountains where the climate is cooler.

Experiences in Banaue

Admire Banaue Rice Terraces from the Village Viewpoint.

The Ifugao tribe carved this “Eighth Wonder of the World” with their own bare hands thousands of years ago. This history-filled attraction showcases how these indigenous tribes were able to preserve their culture, customs, and practices.

Hike through the Rice Terraces of Banaue, Batad, and Cambulo.

If taking in the majestic view of the terraces is not enough, then hike through it! Seeing the terraces up close will take your breath away as if you’re living in a real-life postcard!

Watch an Ifugao cultural show.

The natives of Banaue play brass gongs or gangsa to provide rhythm for their rituals and celebrations. Witness them perform their traditional ritual, the baki, which includes dances, gong playing, chanting, and a native chicken sacrifice.

Try binakle and Banaue’s native coffee.

Binakle is a traditional Ifugao treat made of delectable sticky rice and sesame cakes that are wrapped in banana leaves. Meanwhile, the native coffee of Banaue is always served freshly-brewed, hot, and strong, a perfect way to start the day!

Dip in the cold waters at Tappiya Falls.

Take a rest after hiking through the terraces  at the Tappiya Falls. If you’re brave enough and not bothered by the cold, take a plunge and go for a swim! It’s also advisable to bring a tour guide on your way to the falls to ensure safety during the trek.

Walk around Hapao Rice Terraces.

Farming  and tourism are the main sources of income here in this area. You can hike through the terraces and immerse yourself in nature and see the rice grains up close. At the end of the hike, you’ll arrive at the relaxing Bogyah Hot Springs where you can take a dip and mingle with the locals.

Travel Tips:

There is no ATM in Batad and the nearest  one is in Banaue, so make sure you have enough cash with you while traveling.

 Expect to be off-the-grid during your stay in Batad as there’s no signal.

Prepare for any kind of weather and bring a jacket and an umbrella with you.

Bring a walking stick to help you keep your balance all throughout the trek.

Wear comfortable and non-slippery shoes


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