10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Bohol

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Jan 22, 2020

In a large diverse region, there are a lot of Bohol Instagram spots. Travel photographers like you will enjoy Bohol for its strong environment and vibrant nature sceneries. So get your camera ready as we explore the most Instagrammable spots in Bohol!

Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island is one of the most popular islands in Bohol. It offers splendid underwater views when you go snorkeling or diving. You’ll see different kinds of marine life and vivid corals! The island’s white sand beach will make you feel like you’re in paradise, something to make your followers jealous!

Chocolate Hills

The iconic Chocolate Hills shouldn’t be left out of any Bohol Instagrammable spots. Chocolate “droplets” as far as your eyes can see are spread out all over an area of 50sqm. The hills vary in size, but when you look at them from afar, they look like they’re all the same size!

Panglao Island

After exploring the countryside, a perfect way to cool off is a dip in the beach. Panglao Island has several white sand beaches that you can enjoy. There’s Dumaluan Beach and Alona Beach. But an unpopular (and uncrowded) beach you should try is Anda Beach.

This beach is located in the southeastern tip of Bohol, not a lot of people have the time to visit this far beach. But if you ask us, “Is Anda beach worth the trip?” We’ll say, “Heck, yes!” A white sand beach with a small crowd, it’s an Instagram paradise waiting to be shot.

Hinagdanan Cave

Entering Hinagdanan Cave, you’ll instantly be in awe. The view inside the cave is enchanting. The beautiful rock formation of the stalactites and stalagmites adorn the cave. You’ll also see an underground lake when you descend. But be extra careful! The rocks are slippery, it may look gorgeous but always remember to be safe first.

Can-Umantad Falls

Bohol’s tallest waterfall can be found in Candijay. The 60-feet waterfall is a great backdrop for your jungle photos. You’ll be wowed at how powerful the waterfall crashes into the rocks. The turquoise waters will not only look good on your feed, but it will also help you cool down under the tropical heat.

Man-made Forest

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Another popular Bohol attraction is the Man-made Forest in Bilar. It’s a 2km road lined with mahogany trees bordering Loboc and Bilar. Don’t worry about entrance fees because this IG paradise is totally free of charge! The forest is something you can’t miss because once you pass through it you’ll immediately feel the cool temperature provided by the tons of trees.

Loboc River

Those floating restaurant photos you’ve been seeing all over social media are most probably from Loboc River. Board the Loboc River Cruise to have lunch through waterfall and jungle views. It’s an experience filled with live music and delicious meals!

Philippine Tarsier & Wildlife Sanctuary

Tarsier is the smallest primate in the world, and it can be found in Bohol. Unfortunately, it’s one of the endangered species which is why they are taken care of in multiple sanctuaries around the region. The Philippine Tarsier & Wildlife Sanctuary is the official tarsier sanctuary of the country. It hosts tours around the area as well.

The tarsiers are cute but remember to follow the rules when taking photos. Tarsiers are fragile creatures. They can’t be around to much stress because they’ll actually commit suicide if exposed to danger.

Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

Bohol is not just about Chocolate Hills and tarsiers. Located 92 kilometers east of Tagbilaran is the best rice terraces in Bohol. If going to Banaue seems like a longshot option for you to witness majestic terraces, Cadapdapan Rice Terraces is the way to go! The place is so picture-perfect it’s going to be hard to keep your jaw off the floor.